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Bear opens the house to prepare the batter not afraid Full

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Date : Wednesday 27 September 2017
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Bear opens the house to prepare the batter  not afraid Full

Football Uefa Champions League

Atletico Madrid (Spain) - Chelsea (England)

Tuesday, September 27, 2017

Time of competition: 01:45

The ball: Atletico Madrid continue to draw half.

Racing: Estadio Wanda Metropolitano


Plans and contacts are expected to play.



Tournament statistics for both teams.


The availability of both teams.
        The "Bear" Atletico Madrid at the first game to tie up with the "Wolf" Roma 0-0 scoreless score, the most recent is Sevilla 2-0 in the league game is a triple victory. This game has no Arjeno Fernandez midfielder Arjen Stein injured, but the other main players are Nick Garrroz, Saul Chiguez, Antoine Greece. Mann and Fernando Torres
        Away team "Sing the Blues" Chelsea launched the group to meet the standards. After a large set of caravans 6-0, and recently collapsed Stoke City 4-0 in the league game to win two matches in this game Danny Drinkwater. New midfielder There will still be injuries, but will be David Luiz, Brazilian header will return to the field again after the league flat penalty. The other main people still live.


11 players are expected to field.
        Atletico Madrid (4-4-2): The Canoe - Juan Francesco, Diego Godin, Lucius Hernandez, Philippe Louis-Koek, Theodore Saipan, Rancho Mirage, Carrara - Angela Guerrera, Antoine, Greece
        Chelsea (3-4-2-1): Tibertine Gershwin - Cecil Ashciglian, Gary Cahill, Antonio Ruiz - Victor Moses Colo Alto - Alonso, Alonzo, Alajaro

        At home in Madrid, the game is quite aggressive at home. And the latest additions are coming, winning 3 games to make it to the field with the confidence of Chelsea at the same hot. The style is very close both. This game looks to have a rhythm in the middle. But Chelsea is Chelsea. Not sure And maybe to win.

Atletico Madrid 0 - 1 Chelsea